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Get on board of Mr Charles helicopter in Åre Sweden and get ready for the adventure of your life. Our heli skiing service will take you out on the most fantastic helicopter ski trip you can imagine – or choose from any of our other air escapes in the Swedish mountains.


Mr Charles flies to several wonderful heli ski destinations in the Swedish mountains. Your helicopter and a professional ski guide will pick you up near your villa in Åre and fly you to the first mountain top, a beautiful ten-minute ride away.  Imagine thick, untouched, powdery snow. Getting up there normally takes 2 – 5 hours by foot. With our helicopter you will reach the top in a couple of minutes.

Put on your skiing glasses. Off you go! Your adrenaline is pumping, but you can always be sure to be on a safe path thanks to our experienced off-piste guides. After an exciting skiing experience, your pilot will be waiting at the bottom to fly you to the next mountain top – or ride the same route again. You decide how many lifts you want to make or pick one of our packages –




Mr Charles flies to almost any place in the Swedish mountains. If you have any favorite destination, just let us know. Otherwise, we are happy to suggest some of our best mountains for top tour skiing.

Here are some examples of where we fly:


Some of the world’s best ski instructors

Are you an experienced off-piste skier or just starting out? Mr Charles has some of the most skilled ski instructors in Sweden. All have many years of experience from downhill and off-piste skiing in Sweden.

Most of them have also practiced on some of the most demanding slopes in the world.

If you are new to this kind of heli skiing, you can be sure that you will get the right introduction and the best guidance to get down safely. In case you are skilled already you will appreciate the excellent local knowledge of our instructors. They will help you get as much joy as possible from your heli lift tour in the Swedish Alps.


Mr Charles plans your heli skiing adventure

Flying a helicopter in winter conditions requires skills and experience. Mr Charles pilots will fly you safely over and over again to some of the greatest slopes near Åre, Sweden.

A heli-lift however is always dependent on the weather. During days of snowfall, low visibility, or strong winds the tour needs to be postponed.

When flying with Mr Charles you do not have to plan, stay updated about the weather conditions or keep in touch with a booking agent. We will do the planning and make sure that a helicopter will be ready for takeoff to the best slopes as soon as the weather allows.

Meanwhile you can enjoy one of the various other activities in Åre, or just relax in your private ski lodge.


Sightseeing in Åre
and Funäsdalen

The mountains and nature in the vicinity of Åre down to Funäsdalen is the perfect route for a helicopter sightseeing tour.

Combine your heli skiing adventure with a scenic detour to explore the winter wonderland through canyons, rivers, forests, and wide mountain landscapes above the treeline.

Or why not book a tour just to do some sightseeing? This option is available year-round, regardless of snow conditions. Your pilot will show you the most amazing scenic views of the Swedish mountains. He will land on a place of his choice to let you explore the surroundings and enjoy a fantastic lunch prepared by Mr Charles Chef.


Hunting and fishing trips with heli-lift

Get out into the wild and discover what Sweden has to offer in terms of hunting and fishing. During the hunting season, Mr Charles will arrange a helicopter for you to get to the best spots in the Jämtland and Härjedalen mountains.

We can land practically anywhere. You decide the destination, or you may let Mr Charles’ skilled hunting guides show you their favorite places.

Fishing is a year-round activity in the Swedish alps. Take a short helicopter ride to get to the very best trout and char-filled lakes. Land by the lake – or on the lake in winter.

Of course, your dog may come along on any adventure!


Exclusive mountain picnic

If you are more in the mood to relax but would like to get a rather unique experience Mr Charles recommends his exclusive mountain picnic.

This is an activity that can be arranged year-round. Mr Charles helicopter pilot will give you splendid sightseeing by air. Discover canyons, rivers, lakes, and mountains. After touching down on a scenic place Mr Charles will serve a fantastic picnic, adjusted for the time of the year.

What about some Champagne, Oysters, Reindeer meat, fresh fruits and newly baked pies and other delicatesses? Or maybe grilled trout is more your style? Mr Charles’ Gourmet Chef knows how to make an impression, also in the wild.

In the winter Mr Charles will build a snow bar with comfy seats. During the other seasons he will make sure to bring whatever is needed for you to relax comfortably in nature. A small fire will help you keep warm if necessary.


Family adventures
by helicopter

Of course, the young ones will enjoy a helicopter ride – more than anybody else, we guess. Mr Charles has an entertainer who knows how to enchant your kids, but also yourself.

Departing from your accommodation in Åre you will embark on an adventure by air. Watch the wonders of the winter, spot the traces of the wild animals, go fishing on a frozen lake and find out where the yeti hides. Did you know that there are rumors about an infamous monster in the lake Storsjön? Perhaps you will spot it!

Do we prepare hotdogs on an open fire for lunch? We definitely do!

Our helicopters

Mr Charles flies some of the very best helicopters for heliskiing in the Swedish mountains. Depending on availability you may choose which one you would like or let us pick one for you.

Airbus H120

Our Airbus H120 is one of the quietest and most environmentally friendly helicopters. It has a spacious and airy cabin with a modern interior design. Best views of the class!

Airbus H125

The Airbus H125 is our fastest and most spacious helicopter. With room for 5-6 passengers plus the pilot it can serve as a helilift, heliski or transfer for a group of people. Enjoy the wonderful views as we fly over the Swedish mountain landscape!


If you plan a vacation in Åre you will likely arrive by plane to the airport in Östersund. From there transfer by car takes around 80 minutes. Why waste your time? With Mr Charles helicopter transfer you will arrive smoothly in around 25 minutes.

Of course, we can also offer you air transfer to Åre from other cities in Sweden such as Sundsvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg or Umeå. We also fly from Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen, and other cities in Norway.

Read more about our transport options


The snow depth, light conditions and weather dictate when it is possible to heliski. Spring, around March, is the perfect time for this activity, but generally, it is possible from February until the end of April – and sometimes even in May.

Yes, we offer transfer from Östersund to Åre – or even from Stockholm or other cities in Sweden or Norway if you like.

The price depends on the package you choose or the number of hours that you will fly. Please contact Mr Charles for a quote.

Mr Charles offers helilift and heli skiing in the winter. He also organizes hunting and fishing tours, sightseeing, family adventures and air transfer throughout the year, also in the summer.

We primarily fly comfortable Airbus H125 and H120.

Our smallest helicopter takes 4 passengers and the biggest one takes 5-6. If needed, we can arrange two or more copters.

Yes, Mr Charles concierge in Åre will be happy to assist you with any requests that you may have.